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II. Translate

    Translate these following sentence into English.

  •  Generator baru yang dipesan oleh perusahaan akan dipasang di kapal kami minggu ini.
  • Tugas jaga malam hari di atas kapal merupakan periode yang paling kritis terhadap tanggung jawab masinis jaga dalam melakukan pengamatan dikamar mesin.
  • KKM sedang mengamati putaran mesin induk di kamar mesin.

Jawab :

  • The new generator which ordered by company will be attached on our ship in this week
  • The night watch keeping on board ship is the most critical period for the duty engineer during watching in the engine room. 
  • The Chief engineer  perceiving the rotation of main engine in engine room.

III. Make a diagram of  merchant ship types
        Jawab :

IV. Find the corresponding pairs on the right side.

  1. During a voyage the ship is…. - Operated for 24 hours a day.
  2. The purses is ….- the head catering dept.
  3. Steam  is produced…- by boiling water a boiler.
  4. Diesel or gasoline engine….- burn their fuel inside the silinder.
  5. Coupling and nipples are used….- for connecting two straight pipes.

Jawab :

  1. Operated for 24 hours a day
  2. The head of catering dept.
  3. By boiling water in a boiler
  4. Burn their fuel inside the cylinder
  5. For connection two straight pipes

V. charge these sentences into passive voice.

  • The life buoy saved the man from drowning.
  • The compass will help you to find the right course.

Jawab :

  • The man saved from drowning by the life buoy
  • The right course will be find by the compass helping

Shipping Terminology

  1. Shipping Terminology  Explain these following terms in   English :

  • Chief engginer
  • Bridge.
  • Auxiliary machinery
  • Container ship.
  • Hull.

Jawab :

  • The chief engineer is responsible to the master for all machinery on the vessel and the operating and organizational maintenance and repair of all machinery.
  • Bridge is the place where the deck officer make watch keeping
  • Auxiliary machinery is supporting machine for helping operational on board ship. For example ; - auxiliary engine for electrical supply, refrigerator machine for food storage, air compressor for product the pressure air, auxiliary pump for supply the cooling water to the aux. engine, ref. machine, ac com. Air conditioner etc.
  • container ship is the ship which carried container only.
  • hull is the skin of the ship placed in port side & starboard side of the ship which touching direct to the water. 

II. following questions in English

II. Please answer the following questions in English !
  1. May atmospheric oxygen cause corrosion on metal.? Jawab : Yes, I can.
  2. Tell us some materials capable of conducting electric current! Jawab : Aqdeous solution of acids, bases, salts.
  3. How many classes of corrosion do you know ? Jawab : There are 4 classes : 
  • Atmospheri corrosion.
  • Gas corrosion.
  • Chemical corrosion.
  • Electrochemical corrosion.
  1. Explain brietly the chemical corrosion  Jawab : Chemical corrosion , that are to reaction between the metal and gasses or liquid dielectries.
  2. Which metal is most subject to corrosion ? Jawab : Iron and steel.
  3. How do you improve the corrosion of metals ? Jawab: The corrosion resistance of metals can be improved by adding alloying elements.
  4. What is the function of coating metal surface with paints or enamels ? Jawab : For corrosion protection.


I. CLOSE PROCEDURE: Reading Comprehension
Isilah kolom kosong dengan sebauh kata yang paling tepat menurut saudara sehingga menjadi kalimat yang sempurna.

  1. Auxiliary Machinery covers everything ……… on board except the …………… engine, boilers and pipes.
  2. …………………standards for Ultra Large Carrier which is a type of tankers having over 500,000 dead weight ………
  3. The Chief …………… is responsible to the master for the engine department and looks after the …………… running of the department.

     Terjemahkan kalimat dibawah ini kedalam bahasa Indonesia yang benar.

  1. Chief Engineer is observing the propulsion of the new engne number two in the engine room right now. Jawab : KKM mengamati dorongan pada mesin baru  nomor dua di kamar mesin sekarang.
  2. Fruits, meats, and dairy produce which need cold temperature are generally carried in refrigerated ships. Jawab : Buahan-buahan, daging dan kebutuhan sehari-hari membutuhkan suhu dingin yang umumnya disimpan dalam ruang pendingin kapal.
  3. Chemically there is no difference between the gas, the liquid and the solid, all of which are made up molecules with the formula. Jawab : Bahan kimia tidak berbeda antara gas cair dan padat, semuanya terbentuk oleh molekul dengan formula.
  4. The successful operation of the vessel also depends upon the smoothness of the Chief Enginerer’s work. Jawab : Kesuksesan pengoperasian dikapal juga ditunjang oleh kinerja KKM yang baik.
  5. It is important to learn foreign languanges particularly English for seamen now a days. Jawab : Penting mempelajari bahasa asing khususnya bahasa inggris untuk para pelaut saat ini.

Berikan definisi / keterangan singkat dalam bahasa inggris untuk terminology sebagai berikut :

  1. LNG Carrier  Jawab : LNG carrier is a ship to load LNG ( Liquid Natural Gas).                             
  2. Turbine  Jawab : Turbin is an engine which one steam as propulsion power.                                    
  3. Middle Watch Jawab :                       
  4. Ice breaker Jawab :  Ice breaker is a ship to use for break the ice when winter.
  5. Deratisation Certificate Jawab :
  6. Quarter Master Jawab : Quarter Master as degree with AB ( Ability Seamen )
  7. Effective Horsepower Jawab :
  8. The Suez Canal Jawab : The suez Canal is place for passing many ship from Europe to middle east. 

I. Translate

I. Please translate the following passage into good Indonesia !
Corrosion is destructive attack on metals which may be chemical or electro chemical in nature. Direct chemical corrosion is due to corrosion environments such as atmospheric oxygen, various gases and also electrolytes, i.e. aqueous solutions of acids, etc. bases, salts, etc, capable of conduction electric current. 
Accordingly, several forms of corrosions are distinguished :

  1. atmospheric corrosion, that due oxygen to in the air
  2. gas corrosion, that due to same gases
  3. chemical corrosion, that due to reactions between the metal and gases or liquid dielectrics (nonconductors of electric current) such as petrol, oils resins,etc.
  4. Electrochemical corrosion, that due to the action of an electric current.

The metal most subject to corrosion are iron and steel. The corrosion resistance of metals can be improved by adding alloying elements. Small percentages of cooper, silicon, nickel, or chromium added to steel retard corrosion appreciably, sulfuric and manganese, on the contary, promote corrosion.
Corrosion can be conrolled by applying oxide films or metal coating (zinc, lead, cooper, tin, nickel, etc ) to the surface. Protection is also provided by coating the surface with paints, vamishes or enamels. Smoothly finished or polished surfaces resist corrosion better than rougher surfaces. Because of this, scratches and other surfaces defect should be removed immediately.

Answers :
Karat adalah sesuatu yang bersifat merusak yang menyerang pada logam yang mana bisa disebabkan oleh bahan kimia atau kimia listrik pada alam. Karat bahan kimia langsung adalah disebabkan oleh lingkungan yang menimbulkan pengaratan seperti lapisan udara, bermacam-macam gas dan juga electrolisa antara lain asam-asaman, rendah, garam-garam dan lain-lain, yang memungkinkan dialiri arus listrik.
Menurut jenisnya karat dapat dibedakan :

  1. Pengaratan oleh lapisan udara, yaitu oxygen dalam udara 
  2. Pengaratan oleh gas, yaitu beberapa gas
  3. Pengaratan oleh bahan kimia, yaitu reaksi antara logam dan gas-gas atau cairan dielctris (tidak menghantarkan arus listrik) berbagai minyak damar dan lain-lain.
  4. Pengaratan oleh listrik kimia yaitu aksi suatu arus listrik 

Logam yang paling kebanyakan berkarat adalah besi dan baja karat dapat dicegah pada logam dengan memberikan bahan tambahan. Tembaga prosentase rendah, silicon atau chrom yang ditambah pada baja, sulfur dan mangan yang mencegah munculnya karat.
Karat dapat dikontrol dengan oksida atau pelapisan logam (seng, timah hitam, tembaga, timah, nikel dan lain-lain ) pada permukaan. Pencegahan dapat juga dilakukan dengan pelapisan permukaan dengan cat, varnish atau enamel. Kelicinan atau penyemiran permukaan dapat menahan karat lebih baik dari pada permukaan yang kasar. Oleh karenanya permukaan yang kasar harus dihilangkan segera.

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Logical Connective

I.      Joint the following groups of sentences using appropriate “logical connective”.
1. Tankers usually operate as specialized vessels. Tankers sometimes operate as tramps.
2. Multi deck vessels have tween decks. Tween decks help stowage.
3. the crew saved the ship and the cargo.
Answers :

II. Join the following pairs of sentences together using “relative clauses”
1. Merchant ship carry the cargo. It may be divided into to basic types : bulk cargo and general cargo.
2. An officer may become the Master of his own ship. He has the right qualifications and experience.
3. Ventilators are positioned aver the cargo holds.
Air flows through these.
Answers :

III. Explain the following shipping terminologiy  in English.
Example For Underwater Welding
1. Cooler
2. Air compressors
3. Bulkheads
4. Double bottom tanks
5. Bulk cargo
6. Liners
7. Oil tankers
8. Generator
9. Welding
10. Full Speed Diesel Engine
Answers :
1. Cooler is part of the engine for cooling the engine when it’s running
2. Air compressor is equipment for produce the air pressure
3. Bulkheads is
4. Double bottom tanks is a tank for store oil or water spare.
5. Bulk cargo is a vessel for loading the cargo as like coal, wheat etc except oil.
6. Liners is a room for cylinder.
7. Oil tanker is a vessel for loading the oil.
8. Generator is an auxiliary engine for produce electric.
9. welding is way for joining metal or doubling if any leakage on metal
10. Full speed diesel engine is the highest rotation from the engine.

IV. Find the corresponding pairs on the right side.
1. Poor Lubrication causes …..          a.  lack of maintenance
2. Breakdowns result from …            b. carelessness
3. Heat loss leads to ………              c.  friction
4. Accidents are caused by……         d.  structural strain
5. Instability is the cause of…             e.  a reduction in power
                                                      f.   fuel economy

answers : 
1. d    2. c 3. f      4. b         5. e

V. Make these sentences into passive voice.
1. Outside companies usually do the electrical work, plumbing and any woodwork.
2. The owner accepted the ship from the builder.
3. Two men are welding the plates.
Answers :

VI. Translate the following sentences into Indonesia.
1. Although dry bulk cargo stows itself, it is important to maintain the ships stability an to make sure that
        the cargo will not move during the voyage.
2. the diesel engine is a form of internal combustion engine an its power is expressed as brake
        horsepower (bhp).
3. auxiliary machinery covers averything mechanical on board ship expect the main engines an boiler.
4. A viscosity regulator automatically controls the temperature of the oil fuel leaving the heater to
        maintain is viscosity within close limits.
Answers :
1. Meskipun muatan curah kering menempatkan dirinya sendiri, penting juga menjaga stabilitas kapal dan
        membuat muatan tidak bergerak selama pelayaran.
2. Mesin diesel adalah pembakaran didalam mesin dan tenaganya adalah berkekuatan seperti tenaga
3. Mesin Bantu semua yang bergerak titutup diatas kapal kecuali mesin induk dan ketel.
4. Pengatur kekentalan dicontrol secara otomatis tentang suhu bhan bakar pada pemanas untuk menjaga
        kekentalannya selama batas tertutup.

examples of questions

Write a short description of your experience on board when you start the engine. Give the title to your writing and the length is about 10 – 15 sentences.
Jawab :
When we start the engine, we must to control everything for example about lube oil, cooling, water etc. make sure everything is running good before leaving the engine room. Because it is very important for stability of engine.
1. Give concise definitions to the given terms.
1. Life boat
2. Chief Engineer
3. Oiler
4. Pump
5. Passanger Vessel
Jawab :
1.     Life boat is boat to using when emergency station be happened.
2. Chief Engineer is a leader of engine departement and responsibility of engine room.
3. Oiler is engine crew for transferring the oil.
4. Pump is equipment for transferring liquid materials.
Passanger Vessel is all the people o board except Captain (Master).